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Are you a website owner and you are interested in posting your website link in FiveStarsInvestment.com? Posting a link is not difficult at all. However, a few simple policies apply in the posting of your website link in our website. Hope you will not have any difficulty in adhere to the conditions.

One of the policies is that you will always be responsible in the management of your own website. You will be responsible for anything that happens in your website. FiveStarsInvestment.com will not be held with the responsibility of managing your website at all. Another most important policy that FivestarsInvestment.com implements is that we do not allow posting of articles or stuff that is only restricted to the adults. We discourage that with all the emphasis needed. We are aimed at providing content that is all round legal and without any possible restrictions. In addition, we do not allow copying of contents of other websites. If it is a must to copy content of any website, then the right procedures should be followed to the latter. This must be observed to avoid breaching of the flagrant rights.

Care should be taken during the submission of your posts to our website. There are categories that are set, and these should assist you in the posting of your links. You should always ensure that your posting is placed in the right category.

Submission policy

To post your link to FiveStarsInvestment.com is guided by simple and clear polices that you will find easy to adhere to.

  • it is your responsibility to mange the content of your site, FiveStarsInvestment.com can not be held responsible of any content in the websites /linked to our site
  • FiveStarsInvestment.com does not encourage or allow the posting of websites of an adult nature or containing content that would be deemed to be so.
  • Posts and articles posted in our site should not be copied from other sites and if so, the right procedure should be observed to ensure not infringement of patent rights.

Submission of any posts, articles or links should be done with respect to the set categories to ensure that the subject of the content is placed in the right category.